Film Premiere “Brick City” Docmentary: Forest Whitaker Speaks

This evening I attended the premiere of “Brick City” Documentary Directed by Forest Whitaker. Among special guest speakers, Mayor Cory A. Booker, Police Director Garry McCarthy, Marc Levin, Filmmaker Mark Benjamin. I went with my dear friend Dawayne Brashear an icon of this city as well.  I enjoyed myself and the company of my dear friend.  A mixture of people were there enjoying themselves.  I just hope people really see the good that the Mayor is doing and stop judging on a single action.  Newark is about to have an AWAKENING in the spiritual realm.  Mark my words!


Crystal Glass Filming “The Easy” with Director/Writer Michael Joshua




Michael Joshua – Writer/Director

Writer/Director Michael Joshua will be filming his 4th Feature Film in Michigan called “The Easy”.  A comedy starring my dear friend Tiffany Scott.  Tiffany just completed a Neutrogena Commercial and has an extensive background as an actress/model.  “I’ve been working with Tiffany for the past 5 years on various projects, says Crystal”.  Tiffany referred me to Michael for the film where I will be Director of Makeup & Hair.  Joining the completed cast will be my dear friend E Knock from the dance crew “Status Quo”.  E Knock just completed America’s Got Talent and came in 2nd place on Americas Best Dance Crew in 2008.  His debut movie role as “Derf” in the blockbuster “We Got The Beat” from AA Films last year was a blast.  Stay tuned for updates.

Models Represented


Represented by TCGA

Tonya Blair Represented by TCGA


Independent Modeling/Acting Agency

The Crystal Glass Agency

Models are frustrated at the way the modeling & fashion industry treats them.  I have beautiful friends that are gorgeous that stand at least 5’10 and can’t get signed!  Well, part of the problem is size requirements which are unrealistic.  On the average an American woman is a size 12.  Why do they have to be a size O? It doesn’t make any sense.  My models are size 4 and size 6.  Some have curves, but the bottom line is they look good in their clothing, like a real woman should.  My mission is to change how models are viewed and utilized as props.  Women should be celebrated with all of their flaws, believe me we all have something we don’t like about ourselves, right?  I celebrate every WOMAN that has been over looked, not booked, pushed aside, used and abused by this world of beauty.  Take a stand for Women of America.  The next time someone tells you to lose 15 more lbs tell them no way! What you see is what you get.  Love me or hate me but either way I am define and uniquely made!



Interview on BlogRadio with Deborah Bailey

Deb and I met at my first book signing and panel discussion on June 15 for NJAWBO.  It was amazing meeting so many great women authors and entrepreneurs.  We chatted and Deb was interested in having me on her show as a guest.  July 15 exactly 1 month from the prior engagement was our intriguing conversation about being in business, giving back to your community, and tapping into your creative talents to make money and create new job opportunities.  You can view the interview in its entirty at:

Check back for more details…


The Cast & Crew along with distributors, press and a few celebs were out last night at the first premiere showing of the independent feature film “Cookies & Cream”.  What a wonderful night for director/writer Princeton Holt of One Way Or Another Productions in New York City!  Champagne for everyone, (except me) to celebrate this wonderful piece. Jace Nicole the star of the fim was wonderful in it along with her real life daughter Jaylene as well as male lead Brian Ackley with his Dad along to support him.  Shannone Holt (supermodel) , Chris Riquinha, Omar Hernandez, Ryan, Damon, Hector, Princeton Holt, Sr., Nadine Shaw and a host of family, friends and everyone else…

Karen Sabag Couture Fashion Shoot LI, NY

Once again Crystal teamed up with Karen Sabag to capture images of her fall collection for NY Fashion Week.  Makeup Artist/Hair Stylist/Photographer.

Crystal Glass Photography/Hair & Makeup

Crystal Glass Photography/Hair & Makeup

Karen Sabag Fashion ShootKaren Sabag Fashion Shoot

Book Signing & Panel Discussion @ NJAWBO

Crystal & Vicki

Crystal & Vicki

NJAWBO – New Jersey Association of Women Business Owners

Book Signing & Panel Discussion @ NJAWBO in Bridgewater, NJ
Crystal sat on the panel of women author’s on the subject of publishing your own book. An amazing panel of women author’s and entrepreneur’s on the up’s and downs of writing a book. Very informative and news worthy.

Crystal, Donna, Lauren, Karen

Crystal, Donna, Lauren, Karen