Film Premiere “Brick City” Docmentary: Forest Whitaker Speaks

This evening I attended the premiere of “Brick City” Documentary Directed by Forest Whitaker. Among special guest speakers, Mayor Cory A. Booker, Police Director Garry McCarthy, Marc Levin, Filmmaker Mark Benjamin. I went with my dear friend Dawayne Brashear an icon of this city as well.  I enjoyed myself and the company of my dear friend.  A mixture of people were there enjoying themselves.  I just hope people really see the good that the Mayor is doing and stop judging on a single action.  Newark is about to have an AWAKENING in the spiritual realm.  Mark my words!


Crystal Glass Filming “The Easy” with Director/Writer Michael Joshua




Michael Joshua – Writer/Director

Writer/Director Michael Joshua will be filming his 4th Feature Film in Michigan called “The Easy”.  A comedy starring my dear friend Tiffany Scott.  Tiffany just completed a Neutrogena Commercial and has an extensive background as an actress/model.  “I’ve been working with Tiffany for the past 5 years on various projects, says Crystal”.  Tiffany referred me to Michael for the film where I will be Director of Makeup & Hair.  Joining the completed cast will be my dear friend E Knock from the dance crew “Status Quo”.  E Knock just completed America’s Got Talent and came in 2nd place on Americas Best Dance Crew in 2008.  His debut movie role as “Derf” in the blockbuster “We Got The Beat” from AA Films last year was a blast.  Stay tuned for updates.